Industrial and Commercial Plumbing, Pipe Repair and Welding

What We Offer

We provide a wide range of plumbing and maintenance services such as the repair and replacement of all types and sizes of drain piping, dual water and domestic piping, condenser water piping, cooling tower piping and snaking drain lines.

Our plumbing division also services, repairs and installs all types and sizes of backflow preventers.

Wet and Hot Tapping Services

We specialize in wet, dry  and hot tapping services.

Our skilled plumbers use a special drilling machine and fixtures to cut a hole into  in-service, under-pressure piping systems. The hot tapping process allows a pipe or tank to continue to be in operation while maintenance or modifications are done to it.

Hot tapping can be the first procedure in line stopping, where a hole saw is used to make an opening in the pipe, so a line plugging head can be inserted.

We take great care to ensure that no drilling or welding is done on pipes which may contain hazardous substances and we do not proceed unless positive evidence has been obtained that welding/hot tapping can be applied safely.

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